Hi, I am Sandra!  Welcome to my site,  SandraMadera.com, where you can find out all about my novels, stories, updates, new releases, and custom products.  I am so happy that you have come to find out what is new.  I am always seeking to make your experience better.  So, if you have any ideas for a better experience or if you would just like to comment on one of my works... feel free to email me. And, please, remember to follow!
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About Me...

     My name is Sandra Madera, and I am a recent college grad, obtaining my bachelor's degree in science. However, my true passion has always been writing. Growing up watching soap operas and playing with doll houses, I dreamed up hundreds of stories in my head everyday. I began writing in the second grade when I was honored with a prize after writing a fun short story about animals playing baseball.
   I have penned several short stories, including the beloved "Weeping Willow" and "Shattered".  I have also authored full-length novels, having written both the Restraint Trilogy and the Weeping Willow Series.
   Be sure to follow me on Twitter, check out my blog by clicking on the Blogger button to the right, and visit again to find out what other interesting things I have planned.
In loving memory of my best friend, my dearest companion, my baby boy, Brownie. You will forever be missed... Sleep with the angels, baby. I love you.
The Collector cover art from concept to creation, using TwistedBrush Studio for digital coloring and shading.
Dear Readers,

I have been hard at work writing a new Weeping Willow Short Story for the paperback edition of the original shorts entitled Wicked Chemistry.  I just finished the blurb which is up on this site, my blog, and Goodreads.  I was really inspired by Disney's Snow White when writing it.  So, if you can imagine what happens in the cartoon, then you get a picture of what happens to Willow.  The new short takes place after Weeping Willow - Part Two but before Wicked Magic.  It is meant to tell the story of those several months which are mentioned in Wicked Magic but not fully discussed.  Willow is a bit immature in this story, but then again, in human years she is like eighteen and hadn't lived through the trials in Wicked Magic and Wicked Love.  It is not a mandatory read to understand the plots of the books, but it is a fun treat for those who buy the paperbacks.

I have also been working on updating the imagery on my trailers.  I started with my shorts, but eventually, all of my trailers will be new and improved.  I was never really happy with the original trailers, because while I started off with my own art, I had to also combine it with sub-par clip art.  Now, I have come across some great artists who have free png images which I can combine with my art.  It is a better combination than before.  Check them out on my Short Stories Page and give them a like on YouTube.

For those who have read Wicked Love, I would love to hear your input.  Leave a review on Barnes and Noble or Smashwords or any other online seller.  Your reviews help me and influence other possible readers which can only give me more opportunities to make more books.  Thank you!
With Wicked Love's release on the 1st of February, there are some things you should know.

A number of themes are prominent in this novel and jump out at you in various times during the journey; love, time, salvation, sin, redemption, loss, sacrifice, etc.  Ultimately, it is redemption through repentance which is key in this story, not time as the blurb would suggest. There is a call to change that Nalin has been awakened to. He doesn't remember key moments in his life that made him seek to change, but he is driven by a series of events to recall those instances where he reflected on his own salvation. There is a touch of acknowledgement that true love is a sacrifice of self and he is willing to sacrifice his life for the one he loves. I hope that translates when you read this novel.

With the Weeping Willow Series, there will always be deeper questions about life raised beneath the surface of the love story.  These concepts add to the story, but also spark something within ourselves about our own moral reasoning.