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Thank you for visiting This is the place to find information on my upcoming YA novels, series, trilogies, and short stories.
Every year I plan to release a yearly novelette for those loyal fans who look forward to reading new material. Polls will help me to gauge the type of stories you want to read so please take the time to click an option.
"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."

                            - Harriet Tubman
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     My name is Sandra Madera, and I am a recent college grad, obtaining my bachelor's degree in science. However, my true passion has always been writing. Growing up watching soap operas and playing with doll houses, I dreamed up hundreds of stories in my head everyday. I began writing in the second grade when I was honored with a prize after writing a fun short story about animals playing baseball.
   I have penned several short stories, including the beloved "Weeping Willow" and "Shattered".  I have also authored full-length novels, having written both the Restraint Trilogy and the Weeping Willow Series.
   Be sure to follow me on Twitter, check out my blog by clicking on the Blogger button to the right, and visit again to find out what other interesting things I have planned.
Which is your favorite short story by Sandra Madera?Shattered
Weeping Willow (Part 1&2)
Sangre Falls
The Collector
In loving memory of my best friend, my dearest companion, my baby boy, Brownie. You will forever be missed... Sleep with the angels, baby. I love you.
The Collector cover art from concept to creation, using TwistedBrush Studio for digital coloring and shading.
Hello, everyone!

First and foremost, I would like to announce that Malcontent, the final book in the Restraint Trilogy, has been published.  It is currently available at,, and  I want to thank all of my readers for hanging in there.  Malcontent was truly a labor of love, having been the hardest book to write for me, but I am so pleased with the result.

I know that many of you are wondering... What about Wicked Love? I know everyone misses Willow and Nalin. I miss Willow and Nalin, too! I have written the prologue for Wicked Love and posted it on my blog, htt://, as a thank you for all of your patience. I get more messages about Willow than any other book or short story. No one is happier than me to finally produce the next installment of their journey.

For all of those wondering, I hope to release Wicked love by late summer/early fall. It all depends on how fast I can write. Thanks again and remember to keep the messages and reviews coming. Your review could be the difference between someone reading one of my books or not. Your support is so important to the writing process. I could not push myself to continue writing at this pace without all of you.

Many Blessings!