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Being teased at school, Chloe was awkward socially, finding it hard to relate to her peers. As an only child of a single mother, she had her share of loneliness. But when her mother buys a fixer upper on a large lot just outside of town, Chloe feels the she is on the cusp of change. Dreaming of another world and a handsome but alien stranger has her questioning who she really is, and what is real....


"It was easy to get into the storyline and the characters. A recommended short read" - Heather, Nightly Reading Blog.

"I felt like I discovered a hidden treasure through my nook. I absolutely loved Weeping Willow" - Josie Epping, Josie's Haven Blog.
Now that Willow has met her twin soul and come to terms with who she really is, she is captured by King Callan, Ruler of the Dökkalfar. Jailed as an abomination to the Elven race due to her unnatural creation, Willow struggles to understand the dynamics of this new world and wonders who she can trust in order to gain her freedom once more. However, the prophecy of her kind is clear... She must put an end to the race wars, uniting two kingdoms, but only if she can survive the wrath of a powerful king.


"I loved the ending…very storybook, which made me smile. This was a very short read which gripped my interest and captivated my attention until the end" - Nightly Reading Blog. 
Alexis Adeluna is a vampire who is apart of a powerful coven that made its home in Sangre Falls. While exploring one of her favorite haunts, the local cemetery, she finds a body of a boy and discovered a gift she never knew she had. She can see and hear the dead. Now, the ghost of the murdered boy will not leave her side, because unless she finds his killer, he is doomed to roam the earth, never finding rest.


"It can be difficult for a reader to enjoy a short story, but Sandra Madera does an awesome job writing them" - Josie Epping, Josie's Haven Blog.
Brenna Maren just graduated high school and is in desperate need of some fun and relaxation. When a group of her closest friends decide to spend their summer sailing to the Florida Keys, Brenna is all in... Until tragedy strikes. When she learns her best friend, Marissa, is lost at sea, she instantly suspects foul play. Now Brenna will do anything to find out who pushed Marissa overboard.


"[Overboard is] a mystery that keeps you guessing. It is wonderful to read stories from an author who's very versatile in her writing" - Josie Epping, Josie's Haven Blog.
Identical twins, Miranda and Nastasia Moralez, couldn’t be more different. Being the head of the cheerleading team, Nastasia is the most popular girl in the school. Miranda is not, taking photographs in her spare time for the school paper. Life is normal until a tragic accident takes the life of one twin. Miranda quickly realizes that the car crash that took her sister’s life was no accident. It was planned. Now, Miranda has to find out who wanted her sister dead before she succumbs to the same fate.


"I liked [Sandra Madera's] writing style. The author used a lot of metaphor and imagery that I thought added depth to descriptions" - Emma Wolf, Emma Wolf Blog.

"From the very first page I was taken into the story. With many twists and turns I was kept at the edge of my seat. The ending did catch me by surprise. This is a story I would enjoy reading over and over" - Josie Epping, Josie’s Haven Blog.

"I really enjoyed this short story by Sandra Madera. I thought it was really well written, well put together and had a great plot.... I highly recommend this fantastic short story to anyone who likes YA Mystery and Suspense!" - Megan, Turn the Page Book Blog.
Rebecca Ardsley was a witness to a traumatic event that she cannot remember. All she knows is she was found wandering in the woods in the early morning hours, suffering from shock. She hasn’t seen her friends and family in months. When she is released from a recovery facility, she finds it hard to adapt and return to the friends she has known her whole life. Feeling like a stranger in a foreign land, Rebecca realizes the only way to settle what happened is to release the memories that are trapped in her own mind. Even at risk of her own life.
Getting comfortable with her new-found independence, Kyleigh Blaire is a normal college girl, looking for adventure. So when her roommate, Isobel Keith, invites her to join her on a vacation to an old Scottish castle, she is excited. However, as soon as Kyleigh arrives she finds that she is uneasy. With every step into the castle, she feels an unsettling familiarity. Kyleigh is aware that all is not right and begins to have weird dreams at night of walking through the halls as if being led by an unseen force. Will she allow herself to be guided in order to unlock the mystery?
Adeline Wincliff has been sheltered all of her life and wants her freedom. After falling in love, she thought that she finally had a taste of how life was meant to be lived. But her partying ways left her open to those who conspire against her. Someone wants her fortune, and they are willing to kill to get it.
After the death of her parents, Meliah is shipped off to live with her astranged grandfather, Alric Blackwood, in the family homestead of Blackwood Manor. Knowing nothing of the history of the house, she encounters supernatural events that make her believe that there is more to the manor than meets the eye. Locals tell of a spirit that haunts the long corridors, a spirit that kills young girls. Is Meliah its next victim?